The tangible nurture Method is the preeminent system to help you nurture your existing clients and create endless "wow" moments that keep them coming back time and time again... 
When You Enroll In The Program, You'll Receive:
  •  Five Sections of Content to Help You Create Raving Fans of Your Business and Endless Reoccuring Revenue
  •  Complete with over 28 videos, a 100+ page workbook, and additional resources
  •  Never seen before BONUS content from a private mastermind group that costs $25,000 per year to be a part of
  •  Three Sections of Content to Help You Create Raving Fans of Your Business and Endless Reoccuring Revenue
  •  Complete with over 15 videos, a 100+ page workbook, and additional resources
  •  Mix of coaching, Q&A, Accountability
  •  Assistance with questions and feedback on anything you may be struggling with
Learn How To Create Raving Fans Of Your Business And Endless Reoccurring Revenue Through...Nurturing Prospects, Customers, Team Members And Your Self In Order To Create A Business That Has An Endless Stream Of Referrals And Predictable Revenue.
What People Are Saying:

Draye has a way of finding incredibly simple methods of marketing in a business that can create some incredibly profound results and help entrepreneurs create radical momentum.

- Alex Charfen, creator of the Entrepreneur Personality Type

I’ve known Draye for less than six months. In that time he’s made me at least $300,000 that I would not have made. He’s also held me to a much higher standard in my business than I’ve ever held myself. He helped me hire my first full-time employee and even generously trained her. He’s a giver. If you want to know more of how Draye has changed my life, just google, “The Draye Redfern Effect.”

- Benjamin Hardy, author of WILLPOWER DOESN’T WORK

Draye has a highly nuanced understanding of how to dramatically and quickly deepen relationships with clients. This enables him to give you advice and services that are highly effective but almost effortlessly easy to use.

- Alex Epstein, author of The Moral Case for Fossil Fuels and Founder of the Center for Industrial Progress

Thank you for what you did for me with Power of Broke.  I wish I knew you when I wasn't on Shark Tank and needed some books to be sold.  I appreciate you brother! 

- Daymond John, star on ABC's "Shark Tank", investor, author & motivational speaker
What is Tan·gi·ble Nur·ture?
Pronounced: Tanjəb(ə)l/ — NərCHər/
Tangible Nurture is the well developed process of letting your clients know how much you appreciate them after they have already become a customer. Email auto-responders and traditional “Nurture” campaigns are a thing of the past. The process of Tangible Nurture ensures that your clients will come back year-after-year to work with your business which dramatically increases the Life Time Value of a client. This creates Endless Reoccurring Revenue and Raving Fans of your business. Want to learn more? Register for the FREE trainings on Tangible Nurture through our email list.
In the Course, You'll Learn:
Section 1 of this Tangible Nurture Program will lay the foundation for the entire program...In Section 1 We'll Cover:
  • Lesson 1 -  Introduction to The Tangible Nurture Method
  •  Lesson 2 -  It's Not What's New, It's What Reoccurs
  •  Lesson 3 - Customer Experience vs Price
Section 2 of the Tangible Nurture Program is all about YOU as the business owner. In this section we will cover:
  •  Lesson 4 - Why Putting You First is One of The Best Things You Can Do For Your Business, Employees, and Clients
  •  Lesson 5 - Tend To Your Mind
  •  Lesson 6 -  Optimize Your Brain, Body, and Being
  •  Lesson 7 - Rocky vs Real Life
  •  Lesson 8 - Reducing the Ego & Managing Negative Thought
  •  Lesson 9 - Morning Routines That Create Maximum Momentum for the Day
  •  Lesson 10 - The Only Goal Setting System You'll Ever Need
Section 3 we will focus on your employees which are the bedrock for your business and success. In Section 3, You'll Learn:
  •  Lesson 11 -  Proven Hiring Processes That Automatically Vet Potential Employees and Gets Them Excited to Work For You
  •  Lesson 12 -  Calendar Automation Software - Softwares and Strategies to Create More Efficiencies Throughout Your Day 
  •  Lesson 13 -  Project Management Methods to Keep Employees Engaged and Moving Forward in Unison
  •  Lesson 14 -  Book Keeping Services to Streamline and Automate Your Monthly Revenue Tracking 
  •  Lesson 15 - Customer Service vs Customer Experience
  •  Lesson 16 - How to Diagnose Your Customers (Real) Problems and Easily Solve Them 
  •  Lesson 17 - Legal Protection Startegies
  •  Lesson 18 - Proven Ways to Keep Employees Moral High and Reduce Turnover
Section 4 is will focus on how nurturing your existing clients can compell them to come back again and again to use you and your services. We will cover the 5R's and go over various ways to capture and retain new clients. We will focus on:
  •  Lesson 19 -  An Introduction to the 5R's of the Tangible Nurture Method
  •  Lesson 20 - Responsiveness
  •  Lesson 21 -  Referrals
  •  Lesson 22 - Reach
  •  Lesson 23 - Resources
  •  Lesson 24 - Revenue Management
Section 5 will include three presentations given at a mastermind meeting where all attendees paid $25,000 to attend. 
  •  Lesson 25 - Course Wrap Up
  •  Lesson 26 - "How To Implement The Tangible Nurture Method"
  •  Lesson 27 - "The Automation of Caring"
  •  Lesson 28 - "How 49 cents Turned into 6 Million Dollars"
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